Gaia Candle started with my own need to rebalance and refuel. Scented candles have always been in my daily routine to unwind and decompress. With time they also became part of how I energize my home, how I greet my friends and family and how I set (or reset) the tone of the environment around me.

More than an olfactory experience, I believe candles are a powerful tool to enable each one of us to reach our full potential. By breathing in the scents, taking in the light and warmth, we nourish our minds and bodies to become our very best.

Gaia Candle was born out of my desire to experience and enjoy all the sensations (and intentions) embedded in a candle, in the most natural possible way.

Using 100% soy wax, wooden wicks, and high-quality phthalate-free fragrance oils, Gaia Candles are free of parabens, sulfates, synthetic dyes, additives or preservatives. They create a clean burn and powerful scent.

Gaia Candles will help you connect with your innermost self, enjoy the moment and boost your life in any direction you desire.

My name is Maria Gaia. And I invite you to Light up a Gaia candle and experience what it will awaken in you !